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Maintaining your social media channels, especially by answering questions, is time consuming although it's mandatory to convince your potential investors.


We have experienced moderators for Medium, BCT, Facebook, Twitter, Telegram and many more.


With our managers, you get a full bounty campain and a maximum of interest. Then our counselors take care for a conversion from interest to conviction and in conclusion to more investments into your project.

Publishing Articles

For our authors it's a pleasure to read into your whitepaper, to understand your idea and finally to bring the informations together in an easily understandable article. Publish them in different forums to bring your start-up into the middle of discussion.


Community Support

We have partnerships with different crypto communities. If they are convinced from an idea, they will help you with building up your own community and give you support wherever you need. This is our strongest tool wich has already proven itself for several times.

If you want to take advantage of our services or if you need more informations, please contact us.